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Experimenting Windows 8 Developer Preview

Last evening Microsoft publish the new website http://dev.windows.com for Windows 8 developer, and at the same time they have publish a Developer Preview of the new Windows 8. So lucky i am, i have a multi-touch laptop (it’s a ACER 5738PG). So i decided to give a try an install it on my machine. But before, i did the installation i found an excellent article about installing this OS using a VHD file. This is nice because you don’t have to do any change to your hard drive partition. So when you install the new version, a boot loader will be installed so you can decide which OS you want to boot on. So before installing the Developer Preview i recommend that you read this blog : http://www.hanselman.com/blog/GuideToInstallingAndBootingWindows8...

So for my current experience here is my first impression. I’m really impressed by what i see so far. The performance is incredible. The touch response is really precise and fast compare to any touch interface that i previously used.

And yes, like any new interface i still have to search (or mainly learn) how to access the different context menu. But i think this is a normal step because if we don’t have learn this mean that nothing really change, and for now it’s a big step forward (a nice one).

So my next step is to create an Metro application using the Visual Studio Express 11 and Expression Blend 5 Preview. I’ll try the different projects and language available. So stay tune on my blog, I’ll give my impression about the development for Windows 8.


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