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Tou.tv–Now available on the marketplace

TVG_Splash_WP7ApplicationIconIn the last 2 month we have been busy working on a great Windows Phone project. We created the Tou.TV for Windows Phone. www.Tou.tv is a French website from Radio-Canada that allow the user to view TV show online. So had to create the same experience but using the Windows Phone standard. So we had the chance to work with technology like Smooth Streaming. So SMF (Silverlight Media Framework) were a nice asset in that project to handle the video. We used some caching technology to improve the performance of the application.


Also, we used the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone to help us make the application more interesting by implementing some animation and page transition the provide in their toolkit. We have been able to be in direct contact with the dev. team of the controls. We had great support from them by providing us with overnight fix on some bug that we’ve found.


Since one week the version 0.9 is available, and from the review we were able to provide an application of quality, which is really great.

That was a nice experience, be able to provide our knowledge in general public application. And i can says that we also learn a lot from that experience.

You can download the application using the following link:

More screenshot:

Emission_Saison - CopyEpisodeEpisode_InfosRecherche


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Le problème est réglé. C'était un problème de configuration au niveau des serveurs de Radio-Canada.



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