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Presenting at .NET Montreal Community on Windows Phone 7 on Monday November 15th

windows_phone_introTomorrow, it'll give a full session at the .NET Montreal Community about Windows Phone 7. In that session I'll give a full end to end overview of my experience building applications for Windows Phone 7. So I'll start with the idea through the development process and finally publishing the application to the marketplace.

If your interested, I’ll be also available to answers your question. I’ll also have a device so you can test and feel the new OS which is now available since November 8th.

For more information : http://www.dotnetmontreal.com/.../Default.aspx?selecteddate=15/11/2010



See you there!

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That is very cool you're doing this event!  I'm just sorry I can't make it out!  All the best!  Which phone are you demoing?


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