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Windows Phone Developer tools now in Beta

Today is the release of the latest developer tools for Windows Phone 7. And with this release, another step have climb, because the tools are now in Beta. When you look at the release note you will see that there is a lot of braking change. They work a lot in refactoring stuff like merging multiple DLL in a single assembly. The application bar now required a value on the new “Text” property.

It seems that we will now be able to use Expression Blend 4 RTM. In fact, with the tools now provide a new version of Expression Blend 4 that will run side by side with the RTM version. This version is specific to the Phone, so you will not allowed to create other project.

So i suggest that you read the following post about those changes:

You can download the latest version of the Developer tools here: http://www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx?FamilyID=c8496c2a-54d9-4b11-9491-a1bfaf32f2e3

Official blog post from the team:

And a great blog post from the Expression Blend team on the new feature:


Expression Studio 4 now available

Microsoft just launch the latest version of Expression Studio (Blend, Web, Desing, Encoder). If you have an MSDN Subscription, you can now download the latest release.

Important Note
If you are developing with Windows Phone, Tim Heuer indicate that we must still use Expression Blend 4 Beta until they finalize the development tools for Windows Phone.

Expression Blend 4 New Features include:

  • VS2010 compatibility
  • Windows Phone support
  • Deeper Adobe Photoshop import (layer effects)
  • New behaviors & conditional behaviors
  • Enhanced sample data support
  • Listbox path layout for designing with data
  • Pixel Shader effects (including animations)
  • Easier styling and customization
  • Model View View-Model support
  • Mockup controls for SketchFlow

Expression Web 4 New Features include

  • SEO Reporting from inside of the application
  • New extensibility model enables creating add-ins with HTML, JS, and CSS
  • New SuperPreview online service beta for browser compatibility testing now supports Macintosh Safari

Expression Encoder 4 Pro New features include

  • Live Smooth Streaming (VC-1 & H.264)
  • New H.264 encoder from MainConcept
  • Enhanced Screen Capture
  • DRM (PlayReady) for Live Content

For further, information read the blog post of Tim Heuer or go on the Expression Website:


RunAtServer in Visual Studio Magazine - Mobilizing .Net Developers


Last month i was interviewed by Kathleen Richards (Executive Editor, Visual Studio Magazine). The interview was for the Cover Story of the May edition titled “Mobilizing .Net Developers”. As the title says, it was focusing on Windows Phone 7 development. So if you want to read a great article about Windows Phone 7, read this one. The article in on pages 16, 17, 18, 20, 21.

Here is the link to access the article on the web: http://visualstudiomagazine.com/Articles/2010/05/01/Mobilizing-NET-Developers.aspx



Note: Special thanks to Laurent Duveau who give the chance to do the interview…


Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools April 2010 Refresh

Microsoft just released a new version of their Windows Phone 7 Tools. You can download it at http://developer.windowsphone.com

Also if you want to have more information about this release Tim Heuer just post a great article: http://timheuer.com/blog/.../windows-phone-tools-update-april-2010-silverlight-xna.aspx

I’m finishing installing it.


Visual Studio 2010 RTM and Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP

For everyone who want to move to Visual Studio 2010 RTM and expect to be able to work with the current release of WPDT CTP, sorry let you that the current version of the WPDT is not compatible with VS 2010 RTM.

For more information please read the post of Tim Heuer on the Silverlight Forum: http://forums.silverlight.net/forums/t/175181.aspx

So for now we have to be patient until they release an updated version of the WPDT.

If you want to get notified when they release the updated version go to the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-us/cmpn/vslaunch/default.mspx


Windows Phone 7 : Pivot Control

One of the most interesting UI interface is the Pivot (some call it Panoramic). I look in the tools provide by Microsoft to see if the control was available. But at this time, there was no control available. So I've look on the web and find a lot of interesting stuff on that subject.

I found some blog showing how to create the this kind of interface. Here is some links:

I’m also following Tim Heuer on Twitter(and on his blog)  and he post some reference on controls that implement the Pivot. Those controls are very easy to implement, because they implement template so we can implement as many section as we want. So you only have to refer to the DLL and use it as any other controls.

I hope you will find these links interesting.