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Windows Phone 7 Updates (more details)

This week it’s the Mobile World Congress. It’s the same event that Microsoft official announced the new Windows Phone 7 to the world. One year later Microsoft use the same event to publish more informations about the upcoming updates.

Currently there is an update scheduled to be release very soon (was supposed to be release at the end of January but was postponed). We should see the update at the beginning of March. This update will provide some updates like:

  • Copy & paste (which is now available in latest release of the developer tools)
  • Support for CDMA
  • some performance improvement

Later this year (maybe in the next 6 month) Microsoft is scheduling a major update. This update is called “Mango” and will provide a lot of nice improvement:

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Skydrive Integration
  • Multi-Tasking (some information about that feature will be available at MIX11)
  • and more

So now that Nokia is now an official partner for the Windows Phone, i can only imagine that this will help the platform to progress. What we see from the Windows Phone is only the top of the iceberg, the future is very interesting. Microsoft is already talking about an integration with the Kinect (see the video).

If you want more information about the latest news on Windows Phone I suggest the following sites:


Windows Phone 7 Developers Briefing in Montreal

Join us at the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Briefing for Developers!

windows phone developer briefingsWant to learn how to create awesome applications and games for Windows Phone 7?

Want to extend your existing apps onto a new platform?

Want recognition, exposure, and reach in an untapped marketplace?

RunAtServer will be presenting this Windows Phone 7 Briefing on behalf of Microsoft, you will learn more about developing on it’s latest mobile platform.  The briefing will cover three sessions exploring the two application frameworks available for Windows Phone 7, where to find developer resources, how to submit apps into Marketplace, and much more!
Session 1
6:00pm - 7:00pm - Apps with Silverlight
Session 2
7:15pm - 8:15pm - Games with XNA
Session 3
8:30pm - 9:00pm - Next Steps

December 7

Intercontinental Hotel
360 Rue St Antoine W
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 3X4

Registration link


Other cities:

Register Today:

Ottawa, On – November 30, 2010
Calgary, AB – December 01 2010
Mississauga, On – December 2010
Montreal, QC – December 7 2010
Toronto, On – December 9 2010

See you there!


Presenting at .NET Montreal Community on Windows Phone 7 on Monday November 15th

windows_phone_introTomorrow, it'll give a full session at the .NET Montreal Community about Windows Phone 7. In that session I'll give a full end to end overview of my experience building applications for Windows Phone 7. So I'll start with the idea through the development process and finally publishing the application to the marketplace.

If your interested, I’ll be also available to answers your question. I’ll also have a device so you can test and feel the new OS which is now available since November 8th.

For more information : http://www.dotnetmontreal.com/.../Default.aspx?selecteddate=15/11/2010



See you there!

Zune Software – Windows Phone Marketplace

The latest version (4.7) of the Zune software have been made available very quietly. The software now support the new Windows Phone 7. Zune is the software which will handle the connectivity with the computer.  You’ll be able to manage your phone, buy some software or games, sync your music and video.

Now there is a Marketplace we can see the available software and games for the Windows Phone. You can download using this link: http://www.zune.net/en-CA/products/software/download/default.htm
or you can download the full package here:  www.microsoft.com/download/…

Here is some screenshot:

The main page of the marketplace


An application page


A game page




Windows Phone 7 confirmed in Canada

Today Microsoft hold a press conference to launch Windows Phone 7. At launch, 9 device will be available (Samsung, HTC, LG, DELL, ..). Here in Canada,

  • Telus have confirmed that they will have 2 device available for November 8th , HTC 7 Surround & LG Optimus 7.
  • Rogers have publish a news indicating they will also have a device available: Samsung Focus.
  • Bell will have the LG Optimus Quantum, with slider keyboard, 3.5 inch touchscreen, Augmented Reality, and speech-to-text.

Windows Phone 7 Annoucement

HTC_Surround_sm Samsung_Focus_sm

HTC Surround

Samsung Focus

LG_Optimus7_sm LG_Optimus7Q_sm

LG Optimus 7

LG Optimus Quantum

Also, there was some interesting announcement during the press conference.

  • Electronic Art (EA) will be a partner for the game platform.
  • Early 2011, Microsoft will publish updates that will add the Copy & Paste feature that was one of the highly requested feature.

Links related to the launch:

So less than 1 month to wait until we get the devices.


I’ve been awarded MVP Device Application Development!

Today it’s a really great day for me. I’ve been awarded MVP Device Application Development. This mean that all the hard work have been recognized by my peer and Microsoft. So i want thanks everyone who help me achieve this goal. I mean all my colleagues who answers my so many questions, all the people who are following my course at Technologia and i forgot many. So one of the big thing i learned in life is sharing your knowledge with others allow you to progress because everyone is different and everyone have different idea. So the sharing is always in both ways.

Thank you. And i’ll continue the hard work.






Windows Phone 7 did an appearance in the morning show Salut Bonjour

This morning i was surprise to see that Windows Phone 7 was part of the morning show Salut Bonjour.

To view the video use the following link : http://tva.canoe.ca/cgi-bin/player/...

Thanks Guy Barrette for the hint on your blog.


Windows Phone 7 – Upgrading to the RTM version of the Developer tools for Windows Phone 7

Last week Microsoft released the RTM version of the Developer Tools for Windows Phone 7. This weekend i took some times to migrate the application that I’m creating for the TechDays .  The migration took me about less than 30 minutes.

I only had to fix one issue, which is related to the RTM version. The WMManifest.xml have changed since the Beta version. To fixe the issue i had to create a new Windows Phone 7 project and copy the WMManifest.xml file in my application. And the application was building again.

In the beta version, the Panorama and Pivot controls was not available as built-in control. There was a project on codeplex which provided the functionality. So moving to the RTM, was pretty simple. I only had to declare a namespace :
After what i have to change the control type. That was simple as that.

The Panorama and Pivot control are working perfectly and smooth. And much better than the other version.

Also they provide natively a Map control, which is a Windows Phone version of the Bing Map for Silverlight. I was waiting for that specific control for a long time. I only had to do a drag and drop and assign the CredentialProvider properties and the control was working.

Also the team who was working on the Silverlight Toolkit have created a version of the toolkit for Windows Phone. So i was able to use the WrapPanel from the Toolkit instead of importing some code file from the original Silverlight Toolkit.

For the emulator, it have been improved again. The start time have been improved.

In conclusion, i think as a developer we have all the tools we need to be able to build great Windows Phone 7 application.

What you need to download to start building Windows Phone 7 applications

Resources about Windows Phone 7


Install experience on a real Windows Phone 7 device

Last Friday Christian Beauclair of Microsoft did an install clinic in Montreal. So i scheduled an appointment to install the application I'm currently building for the TechDays. I was really impressed by the quality of the OS. It run really smooth and faster compare to it predecessor WM 6.5. 

To install the application on the device we took the XAP file and deploy it to the device using the XAP Deployment application.

2010-09-12 17h00_12

I was surprised because the application was running smoother on the Device compared to the Emulator (animation, progress bar, etc.).

But when there is some issue related with the development. Like in my case, the application need to get a lot of information from a web service and  I was getting most of the information at the start-up of the application, which was wrong. So i took some time to convert to use a MVVM approach, which increase the performance of the application. So now I'm downloading only the data that i need. Next step, is to apply this technic to every page in the application. That was a great experience, this confirm that the experience on with the emulator in pretty similar.

Also when i was fixing some issues, i was able to test the debugging on the device. If you doesn’t know you can debug you application the same way your doing it on the emulator but directly on the device. So if you have any issue related directly to the device you will be able to fixe it directly with the device.

An important note for the developers who want to deploy the application directly to a device like i did, when you will get a device you need to create an account on the Marketplace to deploy the applications you are creating. Then you will be allowed to unlock 3 devices. What I'm saying by unlocking a device, it unlock the OS so you can deploy. This doesn’t remove the lock from the carrier.

Next step, getting the RTM version of the Developer tools on Thursday, September 16 2010. After what we will have to wait for the real device which will be available for the holidays.

Until then if you have created any Windows Phone 7 application, don’t miss the Deployment clinic in a city near you . You can look at some event date at Canadian Developer Connection.


Windows Phone 7 (Release to Manifacturing)

Today there was very interesting news. Windows Phone 7 was Released to Manufacturing. This is a really good now because it mean that they are on the good track to release some phone to the market for the holidays.

To read more about the news: