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Next presentation on my schedule – Ottawa Code Camp

Next Saturday (April 17th) i will present a session at the Ottawa Code Camp. My session will be part of the Silverlight track. I will show different way to get data and use it in you Silverlight application.

Here is the list of session for the Silverlight track:

Part 1 of 5 - Silverlight Essentials

By: Colin Melia

Silverlight promises to be everywhere and Visual Studio 2010 makes it more accesible than ever for developers.  To get to grips with it, you should know the fundamentals.  This session leads you through some of the essential features which may include XAML, controls, events, binding, styles, animations, hosting, navigation, etc.

Part 2 of 5 - Application Jigsaw

By: Sylvain Boucher

Silverlight applications follow general layered architecture practices with a strong emphasis on user interface and interaction.  In this session we build out our application and bring out the arsenal of Silverlight features from the Essentials session.  We'll also show how to make the application available out of browser and touch on Blend as a design tool.

Part 3 of 5 - Data Matters

By: Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault

Silverlight can access data in various ways using the browser and client stack.  In this session we discuss these options and specifically take a data source and show how Silverlight hooks up to it asynchronously for our application.  We then discover how data templates and binding can be used to display the data.

Part 4 of 5 - The Silver Cloud

By: Colin Melia

Featuring free Azure trial access*.  With a Silverlight application and data on our machine, we are ready to go public.  We need to host our S+S solution on the Web.  We'll take a look at the Windows Azure Platform and how to deploy our application to the cloud.  Attendees can deploy their own copy of the app during the session or later on. *limited quantities/duration

Part 5 of 5 - Going Mobile

By: Peter Henry

Windows Phone 7 is out of the gate and Silverlight is the main application interface technology.  To get on this bandwagon you need to be familiar with Silverlight and the development tools.  In this session we'll look at the emulator tools and how we can migrate our desktop application to work on the phone while connecting to our cloud-based data.


For those who want to attend at the event here is the link where you will find the information about the event: http://www.ottawacodecamp.ca/Pages2010/CodeCamp2010.aspx

See you there.

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