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New version of the AJAX Toolkit

Yesterday a new release of the AJAX Toolkit was release. What’s new in that release? There is 2 new controls:

  • Seadragon - Seadragon enables you to pan, zoom, and make an image full screen. You can use it, for example, to display interactive product pictures.
  • AsyncFileUpload - This new control enables you to perform file uploads without doing a postback. The control displays a throbber image during upload and raises client and server events when the upload is complete. This control was contributed by Steven Lindsay.

Finally the have implement the File Upload functionality. Like many people this was my long awaited feature.

Here is the link to download the latest release of the AJAX Toolkit:

If you want more information you can read the blog of Bertrand LeRoy, who wrote a great post on the new feature:


(via: Bertrand LeRoy)

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