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My Code Camp Presentation

CodeCampLogo175Saturday, i did my presentation at the Montréal Code Camp. I’m very proud of myself. This was my first time as a speaker. My presentation focus on some advanced features of Expression Blend.

I tried to show the feature available in Blend 3 based on my past experience. When i went at MIX 09, i saw some new features like Sketch Flow, which introduce the ability to use Blend as a prototype tool. But while, preparing my presentation, i find out that Blend is really a great prototype tools out of the box. Like i said during my presentation, many times i was requested to do some prototype of application.

So my presentation was for both developer and designer. I didn’t focus on the technology (Silverlight or WPF) behind but on the tool itself.

So the feature that I've talked about was:

  • Photoshop Importation
  • Sample Data Source
  • Behaviors
  • Sketch Flow

I the next few days i will post on those features (except Sketch Flow, because i only got the right to do a live presentation of this new feature).

For now here is the slides of my presentation and a demo that combine the Photoshop importation, Sample Data Source and the behaviors.







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You just started presenting last year?  WOW!  When I saw you in MTL in the fall, you looked like a seasoned-pro!  Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing your next presentation!


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