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Interview on the TechDays 2011 Windows Phone apps

Recently, I've been interviewed by Frédéric Harper from Microsoft on the “Connexion Developpeur”. The subject of the interview is about the development of the Windows Phone application for TechDays 2011 (Canada).

You can read the interview (in french) here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/cdndevsfr/..-windows-phone-7.aspx


TechDays 2011 (Canada) New Windows Phone Application

Last year, i did an unofficial Windows Phone application. This year the team in charge of the TechDays ask me to create the application for this Year events. They provide me with a brand new event OData feed. In this new application, I’ve decided to make the application to support some Mango feature like Fast-switching, Secondary Title, etc.

I restart from scratch for the implementation of the Data inside the application. Now the application is fully functional without Internet connectivity (only the first time to gather the latest data from the OData feed).

I did a brand new scheduler, where you can easily view and flag which session you want to see. I hope you will like the application and find it useful.



The application have just been certified so the application should be available by Tuesday morning.

Here is the direct link:


I hope you enjoy TechDays (currently in Toronto, and coming soon in Vancouver and Montreal).


Presenting at TechDays 2010 (Ottawa)

Next Wednesday, November 10th, I'll be presenting the session “Building Web Forms Applications Made Easier with Microsoft ASP.NET 4”.

The agenda for the session:
- An end-to-end story for getting started, developing, deploying in VS 2010
- Cleaner HTML, Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) and standards
- Improving productivity with dynamic data
- A lots of demo

Session Code/Title

DEV356: Building Web Forms Applications Made Easier with Microsoft ASP.NET 4

Session Date/Time

November 10th 2010: 1:00pm - 2:05pm


Also, Runatserver is offering to every TechDays attendee a rebate of 40% on the Silverlight Tour training. For more information : http://www.runatserver.com/techdays.aspx


Summer review!

This summer is going to fast! Mainly i was working on many project at the same time. I was lucky because most of them were Silverlight. So i had reduce the time i had to work on my blog. Now most of them are completed. So i expect to have more free time to play with Windows Phone 7, read some books and wrote some blogs.

So this autumn will be exiting. First the development tools for Windows Phone 7 will be finalize and released on September 16th. I’m can wait to work with it. So as soon as I can, I will convert the application for the TechDays I'm working on and I'll publish the source code on Codeplex.

On the community side, i will do a presentation on Windows Phone 7 (November 15th) at the .NET Montreal user group. I expect to have a lot of fun for this session has i have a lot of information to share. Also for those who assist at user group there is a “Speaker Idol” again this year. I encourage everyone who want to share his passion about .NET to participate. It the way i begun speaking. I’ll be there to encourage all the participant.

Again this year, Microsoft Canada organized the TechDays which will stop in Montreal on November 23-24. There is a great list of session. Again, i will probably speak at this event (subject need to be confirmed) again this year.

Have fun coding!