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Reporting with Silverlight 4

A new project on CodePlex have just been launch. Silverlight Reporting is an new project created by 2 guys from Microsoft (Pete Brown and David Poll) decided to create a framework that will simplify the reporting with Silverlight 4. As you may know, Silverlight 4 already support printing and pagination but every time you want to generate a report you need to handle many thing manually. This framework which is at is initial release will simplify the process of generating simple report.

Here is a list of the feature included in the initial release:

  • automatic pagination
  • support for line items of varying height
  • total page count
  • templating
  • page headers and footers
  • event to allow hooking into printing at various stages

You can download this framework on CodePlex: http://silverlightreporting.codeplex.com/

(Report generated using the sample and printed using the XPS Printer Driver)

I’ve looked at the sample and it’s very easy to use. I’ll looking forward to use it in some of my projects.


Windows Phone 7 : Pivot Control

One of the most interesting UI interface is the Pivot (some call it Panoramic). I look in the tools provide by Microsoft to see if the control was available. But at this time, there was no control available. So I've look on the web and find a lot of interesting stuff on that subject.

I found some blog showing how to create the this kind of interface. Here is some links:

I’m also following Tim Heuer on Twitter(and on his blog)  and he post some reference on controls that implement the Pivot. Those controls are very easy to implement, because they implement template so we can implement as many section as we want. So you only have to refer to the DLL and use it as any other controls.

I hope you will find these links interesting.