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RunAtServer release SmartUse, a solution for the engineering and architecture professional

Today is an exceptional day for RunAtServer. My co-worker and i are proud to announce the release of our product called SmartUse. SmartUse is a solution designed specifically for professionals in engineering and architecture.

SmartUse is an application that allows engineers and architects to manipulate, and annotate their plans on touch screens such as the S55 table, digital tablets (toughbook) and computers. Information is instantly shared between the site and offices.

Designed on the model of a drawing table, the table S55 fulfils all the functions of a plans room and to view actual size plans.

SmartUse was designed by RunAtServer team, a subsidiary of Wygwam. Revolution for the construction trades, it leads to savings on paper, space and working time. It streamlines and optimizes the work of engineers and architects and guarantees them comfort and ease of use.

For more information, please visit the product website : http://www.smart-use.com

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