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Important update about the PDC and Silverlight

Last week at PDC, Bob Muglia (President of the Server and Tools Division at Microsoft) have been interviewed about Silverlight vs. HTML5. In the interview, he sais “Our Silverlight strategy and focus going forward has shifted.” . Today, he publish a letter to apologize an drectify the meaning of his word which cause some confusion.

Here is the letter: http://team.silverlight.net/announcement/pdc-and-silverlight/

“Make no mistake; we’ll continue to invest in Silverlight and enable developers to build great apps and experiences with it in the future.”,Bob Muglia

In clear, Silverlight is there and will continue to evolve more than ever.


Zune Software – Windows Phone Marketplace

The latest version (4.7) of the Zune software have been made available very quietly. The software now support the new Windows Phone 7. Zune is the software which will handle the connectivity with the computer.  You’ll be able to manage your phone, buy some software or games, sync your music and video.

Now there is a Marketplace we can see the available software and games for the Windows Phone. You can download using this link: http://www.zune.net/en-CA/products/software/download/default.htm
or you can download the full package here:  www.microsoft.com/download/…

Here is some screenshot:

The main page of the marketplace


An application page


A game page




Windows Phone 7 confirmed in Canada

Today Microsoft hold a press conference to launch Windows Phone 7. At launch, 9 device will be available (Samsung, HTC, LG, DELL, ..). Here in Canada,

  • Telus have confirmed that they will have 2 device available for November 8th , HTC 7 Surround & LG Optimus 7.
  • Rogers have publish a news indicating they will also have a device available: Samsung Focus.
  • Bell will have the LG Optimus Quantum, with slider keyboard, 3.5 inch touchscreen, Augmented Reality, and speech-to-text.

Windows Phone 7 Annoucement

HTC_Surround_sm Samsung_Focus_sm

HTC Surround

Samsung Focus

LG_Optimus7_sm LG_Optimus7Q_sm

LG Optimus 7

LG Optimus Quantum

Also, there was some interesting announcement during the press conference.

  • Electronic Art (EA) will be a partner for the game platform.
  • Early 2011, Microsoft will publish updates that will add the Copy & Paste feature that was one of the highly requested feature.

Links related to the launch:

So less than 1 month to wait until we get the devices.


IE 9 and Debuging in Visual Studio

Some of you probably find out that the beta version of IE9 seems to cause some issues when we want to run an ASP.NET or Silverlight in debug in Visual Studio. In reality, there is no issue. In fact, it’s IE9 who is too fast, compare to the Web Development Server (also called Cassini) which take longer to instantiate. A friend of the .NET Montreal Community Étienne Tremblay found a workaround for this issue. He wrote a post about his solution: http://geekswithblogs.net/etiennetremblay/archive/2010/10/07/ie-9-cassini-and-the-dreaded-dns-error-or-page.aspx

I tried it and it work fine for me!

Thanks Étienne!


Windows Phone 7–Quick Jump Grid

Kevin Marshal of Clarity Consulting post a nice blog about the Quick Jump Grid. The Quick Jump Grid is a model propose in the design template by Microsoft but not available as built-in control at this time. So if you want to implement that kind of feature i suggest that you read the blog and test the demo.






Montreal .NET Community : Developing Silverlight/WPF for Blendability: Smooth Developer/Designer Workflow

This thursday Barry Garvin will present an interesting session at the Montreal .NET Community.

Here is his presentation description:

Microsoft has continued to make investments in both Expression Blend and Visual Studio to facilitate the workflow between the designer and developer roles. This is even more important if you as an individual fulfill both of these roles. However, having version control support in Blend and a design surface in Visual Studio 2010 isn't enough to ensure this back and forth workflow is smooth. In this session we'll examine techniques and patterns to ensure that your projects remain "Blendable" and "Testable" from start to finish. We'll review patterns such as model-view-view-model and attached behaviours to provide not only clean separation of concerns and testability, but also that elusive "Blendability" allowing you to take advantage of Blend's power throughout your project.

For more information : http://www.dotnetmontreal.com/.../Default.aspx?selecteddate=05/10/2010

See you there.


I’ve been awarded MVP Device Application Development!

Today it’s a really great day for me. I’ve been awarded MVP Device Application Development. This mean that all the hard work have been recognized by my peer and Microsoft. So i want thanks everyone who help me achieve this goal. I mean all my colleagues who answers my so many questions, all the people who are following my course at Technologia and i forgot many. So one of the big thing i learned in life is sharing your knowledge with others allow you to progress because everyone is different and everyone have different idea. So the sharing is always in both ways.

Thank you. And i’ll continue the hard work.






Windows Phone 7 did an appearance in the morning show Salut Bonjour

This morning i was surprise to see that Windows Phone 7 was part of the morning show Salut Bonjour.

To view the video use the following link : http://tva.canoe.ca/cgi-bin/player/...

Thanks Guy Barrette for the hint on your blog.


ASP.NET Security Update–Important

Last week Microsoft release an alert on an security vulnerability associated with ASP.NET. A workaround was announce while waiting an official.

Today, Microsoft release the official security patch. Here is the link to access the security bulletin and the files: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms10-070.mspx

For more information, you can also look at the blog of Scott Guthrie about the security issue http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/09/28/asp-net-security-update-now-available.aspx

So as per the recommendation of Microsoft, you should apply the patch to make sure you web application as soon as possible.



Windows Phone 7 – Upgrading to the RTM version of the Developer tools for Windows Phone 7

Last week Microsoft released the RTM version of the Developer Tools for Windows Phone 7. This weekend i took some times to migrate the application that I’m creating for the TechDays .  The migration took me about less than 30 minutes.

I only had to fix one issue, which is related to the RTM version. The WMManifest.xml have changed since the Beta version. To fixe the issue i had to create a new Windows Phone 7 project and copy the WMManifest.xml file in my application. And the application was building again.

In the beta version, the Panorama and Pivot controls was not available as built-in control. There was a project on codeplex which provided the functionality. So moving to the RTM, was pretty simple. I only had to declare a namespace :
After what i have to change the control type. That was simple as that.

The Panorama and Pivot control are working perfectly and smooth. And much better than the other version.

Also they provide natively a Map control, which is a Windows Phone version of the Bing Map for Silverlight. I was waiting for that specific control for a long time. I only had to do a drag and drop and assign the CredentialProvider properties and the control was working.

Also the team who was working on the Silverlight Toolkit have created a version of the toolkit for Windows Phone. So i was able to use the WrapPanel from the Toolkit instead of importing some code file from the original Silverlight Toolkit.

For the emulator, it have been improved again. The start time have been improved.

In conclusion, i think as a developer we have all the tools we need to be able to build great Windows Phone 7 application.

What you need to download to start building Windows Phone 7 applications

Resources about Windows Phone 7