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Samedi.NET – Windows 8 Presentation

Last Saturday, i did a presentation about the Windows 8 Development Platform at the Montreal .NET Community. Along with my co-presenter, we did cover most of the aspect that are involved in the Windows 8 Metro Application.

All of you who are building application for Windows Phone, i invite you to start looking or port your application on Windows 8 Metro. This is a great opportunity to create a nice integration between the Desktop and the Mobile platform. Base on the fact that the application are using mostly the same standard as on Windows Phone development.

So you can start to look at http://dev.windows.com and http://design.windows.com to get more information.

Here is the slide i presented at the events:


For sure this is only the beginning, and i already plan o build some app hat will use both platform.


How to easily download BUILD video session with Zune software

This morning i was playing with Zune (software) and remembered the Podcast section. So i decide to give a try to see if it would work with video. And the answers is YES. So here is the walkthrough to do so.

First make sure you have Zune open and go in your “Collection” and select “Podcasts”:

Now you can go on the Channel 9 website in the section dedicated to BUILD :  http://channel9.msdn.com/events/BUILD/BUILD2011

In the page there a link called Subscribe to this event:

When you do a mouse over a context menu will show up:


So now you can do a right click and select “Copy shortcut”


or use any of the link below:

and now you can go back in Zune and click on the “ADD A PODCAST” button



Past any of the feed you want and click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button:

So now Zune will download the feed and display the available show. You can now click on the Download button of any show that you want. By default, Zune will automatically try to download the first 3 video. So you can access the  “Series Settings” so you will be able to configure how Zune will handle this series.


After that you can now watch the videos in Zune or if you prefer you can sync the video to your Windows Phone 7 by right click on the video that you want to sync and click “Sync with …”


Enjoy watching the BUILD sessions offline, and get ready for the future of Windows.



Experimenting Windows 8 Developer Preview

Last evening Microsoft publish the new website http://dev.windows.com for Windows 8 developer, and at the same time they have publish a Developer Preview of the new Windows 8. So lucky i am, i have a multi-touch laptop (it’s a ACER 5738PG). So i decided to give a try an install it on my machine. But before, i did the installation i found an excellent article about installing this OS using a VHD file. This is nice because you don’t have to do any change to your hard drive partition. So when you install the new version, a boot loader will be installed so you can decide which OS you want to boot on. So before installing the Developer Preview i recommend that you read this blog : http://www.hanselman.com/blog/GuideToInstallingAndBootingWindows8...

So for my current experience here is my first impression. I’m really impressed by what i see so far. The performance is incredible. The touch response is really precise and fast compare to any touch interface that i previously used.

And yes, like any new interface i still have to search (or mainly learn) how to access the different context menu. But i think this is a normal step because if we don’t have learn this mean that nothing really change, and for now it’s a big step forward (a nice one).

So my next step is to create an Metro application using the Visual Studio Express 11 and Expression Blend 5 Preview. I’ll try the different projects and language available. So stay tune on my blog, I’ll give my impression about the development for Windows 8.